Offering Storage Services

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Rainbow Movers has been the primer storage provider for Boston and its surrounding areas for over 80 years. At Rainbow Movers we offer a variety of services to fit any of your needs including long term, short term, in transit and drayage options.

Our Storage Facilities

At Rainbow Movers we are determined to provide our customers with the very best solutions. With over 100,000 square feet of climate controlled, meticulously cleaned  warehouse space we can accommodate any of your needs. In order to ensure the optimal safety for your belongings  we also have twenty four seven surveillance so you can rest assured knowing that your belonging are safe. Our facility also houses a number of different units ranging from our traditional vault storage units for household goods, to specialized solutions for antiques, fine art and sensitive electronic equipment and even palletized and racked storage options for commercial needs.

Our Storage Services

Storage In Transit

In Transit is used for shipments moving on an Interstate or Intrastate basis and being stored for at least 180 days or less.

If your new home isn’t quite ready when you move, you’ll need Storage In Transit. SIT shipments will be carefully handled and placed into our facility where they’ll be available for reloading and delivery to your new home with just a couple of day’s notice.

Permanent Storage

Permanent storage is used for local shipments, international shipments or commercial accounts where your possessions will remain for long term or on-going basis.

Safe, careful handling is given to shipments needing longer term or permanent services, but these shipments are placed into areas within the warehouse with little movement to minimize the handling of the vaults. Extra safeguards are provided as required by the length of time that items be in our facility.

Rates for Storage

While every situation will be different in terms of weight and time, charges for our services are determined based on these two categories:

  1. Drayage –The pickup and delivery of stored goods
    Warehouse handling which includes offloading, padding and protecting your goods as well as the positioning of your goods into our storage vaults. This charge includes the reverse process when your goods are ready to load and deliver.
  2. Storage – The number of days or months needed.
    All the above are calculated on the basis of dollars per hundredweight based on the total weight of the shipment.

Your shipment will be stored with care and in an orderly fashion. Our warehouse information system tells us exactly where your shipment is located in our warehouse. If you ever have a need to find and retrieve an item, we’ll be able to find it for you very quickly.

We want you want to feel secure about where your goods will be stored so we invite you to inspect our warehouse facilities at your convince. You’ll find a clean, modern warehouse. that’s, well lit, and well ventilated to protect your goods against humidity or temperature changes.