Things Movers Won’t Move

Most people think a moving company will transport anything, but in reality, there are restrictions. If you are planning a move, take the time to learn what things movers will not transport. That way, you can be better prepared when the moving crew arrives. Movers' Prohibited Items Every moving company is unique, meaning they all have policies about what they will and will not transport. However, professional moving companies are also bound by strict laws and regulations that prohibit them from transporting certain items. Following are some examples of things that cannot ...

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Corporate Moving Checklist – What To Do When

Preparing a move for a corporate business is often more involved and complex than a residential move. This is why professional moving companies strongly recommend using a corporate moving checklist. This checklist becomes your guide, keeping you on schedule and task until the move is complete. A corporate moving checklist also reduces stress for anyone involved with planning and organization. In fact, it streamlines the move for employees as well. During the move, a corporate moving checklist become your lifeline, helping you get and stay organized throughout the entire ...

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Moving and Storage Must Haves

Certain things are considered “must haves” for both moving and storage. By having these things, you will save money, experience less stress, end up with fewer damaged items, and have a positive experience. Required for Moving Specific to moving, you must hire a professional company that offers years of experience and expertise. To accomplish this, you will need to research different moving and storage companies and then request an in-home visit to get an accurate quote. This allows you to make comparisons in cost, as well as the services provided and the level of ...

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