Corporate Moving: What to Avoid

Corporate Moving | Rainbow Movers | Boston, MAWhen comparing residential moving to corporate moving, there are distinct differences. Considering that a corporate move involves a significant amount of furniture, electronics, and a host of other equipment, this type of move is usually complex and expensive. If your company is planning to move to a new location, you want to avoid several things.

  • Low-Ball Pricing – Never choose a corporate moving company based on price alone. To take this one step further, do not hire a company that offers a low-balled figure. For a company to offer you a price far less than other candidates, something has to be compromised. Often, questionable moving companies will set an extremely low price and even offer incentives, only to increase the cost at the end. Remember, pricing should be based on the weight of the goods on the truck.
  • Phone Estimates – Something else that you want to avoid with different corporate moving companies is that at no time should you accept an estimate over the phone. For an honest company to provide you with an accurate quote, a representative must come to your business and visually see the number and types of items involved.
  •  No Comparisons – Especially with corporate moving, you need to get at least three estimates. The goal is to compare everything, item-by-item. In particular, make sure that each service is clearly defined and priced. Unfortunately, some moving companies focus solely on price while skirting the services that you will get.
  •  Trusting Everything – While it would be nice if you could trust everything that corporate moving companies say, you have to be careful. After all, an unscrupulous moving company can claim whatever it wants but without delivering. It is both your right and responsibility to confirm information provided. For example, if a moving company claims to have full value insurance protection, verify that with the provider. If a moving company says they are licensed, get confirmation from the appropriate organization or agency.
  •  Not Planning Correctly – Although a reputable corporate moving company is going to do a significant amount of the work, including packing and unpacking, you still need to make plans to ensure that everything is organized and ready for moving day. This entails designating a person from each department to provide materials and information to each respective team.

By knowing what to avoid when searching for trusted corporate moving companies, certain risks are prevented. A few simple decisions will make the difference between a great move versus a chaotic and potentially overpriced move.

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