International Moving Checklist

International Moving checklist | Rainbow Movers | Boston, MAMoving to a different city or state is one thing, but when moving abroad, the process is more complex. To streamline the process of international moving, it helps to use a checklist. With this list, you know whom to contact and what to do so that you overlook nothing of importance.

Regardless of the reason for moving to a different country, there is a considerable amount of planning involved. Although your checklist will cover many things, to avoid problems and undue stress, make sure the following are included.

What You Will Need to Do

Mandated Documents

To reside in a foreign country or stay for an extended period, every country requires that you have a visa. Depending on the country, a passport may also be mandated. To determine the exact documentation that you and any family members will need, contact the consulate or embassy in the country where you are moving. To obtain a visa, you are required to submit specific documentation, such as a birth certificate, marriage license, and so on.

Housing and Education

Prior to your international moving, have housing secured and any children enrolled in school. As for a place to live, a reputable real estate company located in the new country will assist you. For education, the United States Embassy will provide recommendations. It is then your responsibility to contact various schools to gather information about language issues, class size, curriculum, type of facility, and, when considering a private school, any associated costs.

Moving a Vehicle

If you have a vehicle, determine if it makes more sense to ship it or purchase a different car once settled in your new home from a logistics and cost perspective. As part of moving abroad, you also need to know about driver’s license requirements and insurance. Along with the United States Embassy, a qualified international moving and storage company will provide a wealth of information.

Hiring the Right International Moving Company

One of the most important things that you need to do is hire an international moving and storage company. Any company worth your consideration will have extensive experience and expertise specific to moving people abroad.

Because there is more involved with a move abroad, a contract should be formalized two to three months in advance. In addition, request proof of insurance, bonding, and licensing or certification, and ask about the company’s guarantee policy should something of yours be lost or damaged in transit. For international moving, a little due diligence goes a long way.

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