How to Prepare Your Items for Storage

Storage | Rainbow Movers | Boston, MAFor temporary and permanent storage, many people have no idea how to prepare items properly. Whether hiring a reputable company to help or packing items on your own, unless everything is prepared the correct way, you could end up with damaged goods.

What You Need to Do

Smaller Items

Organize and systematically pack smaller items. Especially for gaining frequent access to the storage unit, this makes it easier to find things. Always use clean, dry boxes; disassemble larger items; wrap each piece in bubble wrap; never overfill the boxes; and use quality sealing tape to keep dust out.

Storing Furniture

After cleaning furniture, use protective spray. This prevents rust and tarnish on metal furniture, reduces the risk of mold and mildew on wood furniture, and protects against stains on leather furniture. Remove any detachable parts, cover with bubble wrap, and place them in a marked box along with coordinating hardware in a zippered plastic bag. For non-detachable parts, secure bubble wrap with rubber bands.

While in storage, cover furniture using white blankets or sheets only. This provides protection and prevents color from bleeding onto the furniture. In addition, never cover furniture with plastic wrap since it notoriously traps heat and moisture that causes damage.


Empty appliances, drain the refrigerator and/or freezer, and clean the exterior and interior with a cleaning solution that has baking soda or a small amount of bleach added. This disinfects and eliminates odors that can intensify while in storage.

Breakable Items

Wrap fragile items, like dishes, artwork, mirrors, and statues, in bubble wrap. For anything that contains glass, place a piece of cardboard next to the glass for added protection. Use more bubble wrap or even towels and soft fabric to fill cavities and to cover items on top. Be sure never to over-pack boxes filled with fragile items, and label each one according to their contents.


Especially for long-term storage, avoid folding clothes and placing them in boxes. Instead, hang clothes in wardrobe boxes. For more delicate or expensive items, protect them with an appropriate cover. In addition, place mothballs in each wardrobe box to prevent damage from insects.


Place clean mattresses inside bags that are designed specifically for mattress storage. This provides the necessary protection against dirt, debris, dust, insects, and moisture.


Clean sensitive electronic devices to remove dust and then pack them in their original boxes, if possible. Otherwise, choose an appropriately sized box for each device. To prevent moisture from getting inside, use packing peanuts or pieces of newspaper to fill cavities in the box.

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