Moving and Storage Must Haves

Moving and Storage Must Haves | Rainbow Movers | Franklin, MACertain things are considered “must haves” for both moving and storage. By having these things, you will save money, experience less stress, end up with fewer damaged items, and have a positive experience.

Required for Moving

Specific to moving, you must hire a professional company that offers years of experience and expertise. To accomplish this, you will need to research different moving and storage companies and then request an in-home visit to get an accurate quote. This allows you to make comparisons in cost, as well as the services provided and the level of professionalism.

Another must have for moving has to do with supplies. Whether you plan to box your own items or have the moving company provide packing services, strong and sturdy boxes are imperative. As part of this, your items need to be wrapped properly for protection, especially anything fragile. It is also important for boxes to be labeled according to the designated room, including examples of the contents.

For moving and storage, proper cushioning is another must have. During transport of your items, anything exposed, like furniture, mirrors, lamps, bikes, mattresses, and so on, should be wrapped with quality moving pads. This protects your belongings from damage caused by items rubbing together or something falling on top of them. Cushioning is also beneficial for items in storage. It offers protection from damage and keeps your items free of dust and dirt.

Required for Storage

Storage is the other half of moving and storage must haves. Just as you did when hiring the moving company, you want to research different storage facilities to ensure they offer what you need for a price that you can afford. If storing your items in a state with extremely hot or cold temperatures, a climate-controlled unit is essential. This type of unit keeps sensitive and delicate items in pristine condition.

You should also look for a storage facility that provides you with off-hour, weekend, and holiday access. If you need to get something in your unit for any reason, there should be a way for you to get inside. Even for a climate-controlled storage space, the facility should have secured keypad access 24 hours a day.

It is also vital that you choose a secure storage facility. While the goal is to choose a facility that provides you with unlimited and convenient access, you also want one that keeps unauthorized people off the premises. Therefore, consider a storage facility that has 24-hour on-site staff, top-grade locks, and a surveillance camera system.

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