Storage Solutions for Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, RVs & More

If you plan to move, build a new home, or simply do not have Storage Solutions | Rainbow Movers | Boston, MAenough space for all of your belongings, renting a storage unit is an excellent solution. However, to store unique items, it is important to choose wisely. For these goods, you need to find a company that offers storage solutions that go beyond traditional options.

Storage Type for Vehicles

You want vehicle storage solutions rather than more conventional storage units when storing an automobile, boat, motorcycle, jet ski, or RV, or some other item.

There are three primary types of vehicle storage solutions to consider, each of which are somewhat unique:

  1. Outdoor Vehicle Storage – Although your vehicle or boat would be stored outside, it is still on the storage facility’s property and usually behind a secure fence, for obvious reasons. If on a limited budget, this is the most affordable of the three storage solutions. The only downside is that unless the facility provides some type of cover, your item could be damaged in the event of a storm. There is also some degree of risk for theft or vandalism.
  2. Covered Vehicle Storage – Most often, this solution is used for storing larger items, including boats, trucks, and RVs. As expected, the covered area enhances the level of protection, which is necessary for more expensive possessions, or if you do not want to risk any vehicle damage. Therefore, paying a little more for extra protection is worth it.
  3. Indoor Vehicle Storage – As the name implies, your vehicle would be kept inside. As expected, this is the most expensive of the three storage solutions. However, not only is your boat, car, motorcycle, RV, jet ski, or some other possession protected from the elements, there is virtually no risk of theft or vandalism.

Choosing Wisely

There are a few things to consider for all three storage solutions:

  1. Easy Access – You might want direct access to your vehicle, opposed to relying on machinery to get it in and out of its designated space or area. With easy access, it takes less time and effort to get your vehicle out, since you would not be dependent on someone working at the storage facility.
  2. 24-Hour Access – Consider vehicle storage solutions at a facility that offers 24-hour access. If you keep a boat in storage and decide to take friends out on the water for an evening ride, you want to be able to get your boat in and out. Without 24-hour access, your activities are limited by the facility’s hours of operation.

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