Things Movers Won’t Move

Movers Won't Move | Rainbow Movers | Boston, MAMost people think a moving company will transport anything, but in reality, there are restrictions. If you are planning a move, take the time to learn what things movers will not transport. That way, you can be better prepared when the moving crew arrives.

Movers’ Prohibited Items

Every moving company is unique, meaning they all have policies about what they will and will not transport. However, professional moving companies are also bound by strict laws and regulations that prohibit them from transporting certain items. Following are some examples of things that cannot be moved. Instead, you would need to transport these items yourself or make other arrangements.

  • Live Plants – For long-distance moves, live plants cannot be transported more than 150 miles away unless the moving company has a special license. The law is very strict about this since live plants can host destructive insects like the Emerald Ash Borer. Introducing this and other pests into a new area can be devastating to agriculture and the environment.
  • Perishable Food – Although professional moving companies do a great job in getting to locations on time as scheduled, unexpected delays do occur. For that and other reasons, movers will not transport any food items that could spoil.
  • Materials Deemed Hazardous – Any materials deemed hazardous, including aerosol cans, paint, fire extinguishers, batteries, and so on, cannot legally be moved. If something cannot be tossed out in the normal garbage, then it cannot be moved by a professional moving company.
  • Pets – While this might seem obvious, surprisingly some people want movers to transport their pets. As live animals, this is not permitted. Instead, any pets should be secured in a carrier and transported with you.
  • Explosives – Movers cannot transport any type of explosives. This includes primers, propellants, black powder, and actual ammunition. In fact, souvenir explosives are also prohibited.
  • Flammable Items and Corrosives – Other items that movers will not transport include flammable items and corrosives. For instance, lighter fluid, paint thinner, charcoal, paint remover, kerosene, batteries, nitric acid, and muriatic acid are not moveable items.
  • Power Equipment Containing Fuel – Any type of equipment with fuel in the tank cannot be moved. This includes lawnmowers, weed eaters, motorcycles, jet skis, chainsaws, and so on. However, if the fuel is drained roughly 24 hours ahead of the move, then the equipment can be transported.
  • Valuable Items – A moving company will not take items like stock and bond certificates, cash, jewelry, important documents, and other things of value.

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