Corporate Moving Checklist – What To Do When

Corporate Moving | Checklist | Rainbow Movers | Boston, MAPreparing a move for a corporate business is often more involved and complex than a residential move. This is why professional moving companies strongly recommend using a corporate moving checklist. This checklist becomes your guide, keeping you on schedule and task until the move is complete.

A corporate moving checklist also reduces stress for anyone involved with planning and organization. In fact, it streamlines the move for employees as well. During the move, a corporate moving checklist become your lifeline, helping you get and stay organized throughout the entire process.

Your Corporate Moving Checklist

Six Months Prior to Moving

  • Designate one person to oversee the move and one person from each department to help with organization and to field questions. Working together and following the guidelines of the corporate moving checklist will help simplify the move.
  • Hire an interior designer, if needed
  • Order new furniture, if applicable
  • Make plans for the computer and phone systems
  • Research different moving companies and get at least three estimates.

Four Months Prior to Moving

  • Hold a meeting with the designated planning team
  • Finalize office structure, design, and layout
  • Finalize plans for the computer and phone systems.

Two Months Prior to Moving

  • Schedule shut off and turn on for all utilities
  • Order new business cards, stationery, and other office supplies with the company’s new address and phone number
  • Contact vendors to schedule the move of leased equipment
  • Choose the best moving company.

One Month Prior to Moving

  • Contact the US Postal Service to submit a formal move request
  • Notify all important parties of the move, including vendors, suppliers, bank, insurance company, and so on
  • Send a formal letter to the clients, advising them of the move
  • Hold a meeting with the planning team to finalize any outstanding details and resolve any problems
  • Send out a press release.

Two to Three Weeks Prior to Moving

  • Make sure that all plans are finalized with the current and new building managers
  • Order and/or assign parking spaces, keys, desk locations, phone numbers, etc.
  • Conduct a final walkthrough with the hired moving company
  • Confirm the installation of computers and phones.

One Week Prior to Moving

  • Review plans for the new location to ensure that everything is in order
  • Begin packing items not in use
  • Contact the moving company to verify the schedule.

One Day Prior to Moving

  • Regardless of who does the packing, ensure every box is properly labeled
  • Update the company website and social media sites with the new address and phone number
  • Provide employees with the new office layout.

The Day of Moving            

  • Finalize the installation of the computer and phone systems
  • Have boxes placed according to their label
  • Have employees unpack their boxes.

Although this corporate moving checklist covers a lot, there are many additional things going on before and during a move. However, this checklist is an excellent start. Without a checklist, things would be extremely unorganized and disruptive.

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